Recent Photos (circa Spring, 1996 and later)

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Bike rides Some bicycle rides and camping trips. Last updated September 19, 2011 with pictures from September, 2011 rides, including Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee damage.    
2006The Holiday Season, 2006. GG Picnic,
June 25, 2005On June 25, 2005, we hosted a Gravity Group Picnic at our new home in Hopewell Township. There aren't very many photos because once the picnic started, there was just too much to do!
Tie DinnerA black tie dinner in honor of David Gross and Frank Wilczek, winners (along with Joe Politzer) of the 2004 Physics Nobel Prize. Westphal ServiceSome photos from Jim Westphal's Memorial Service on December 9, 2004. Also, a picture from the first meeting of the HST SWG.
TourPhotos from Thanksgiving (in Seattle) through Christmas (in New Jersey), 2004. Plum
TourPhotos from Stephanie Plum's Trenton by the Numbers tour, May 15, 2004.
PoGO testPhotos from the PoGO collaboration detector test at Argonne, November 17, 2003. Amy's PhDOn May 20, 2003, Amy defended her Ph.D. dissertation and on June 14, she graduated and received her diploma. Here's a photo album of these and related events.
Dad's Memorial ReceptionA Memorial Reception for my Dad, March 17, 2003. DTW PJEP Fest A Celebration of the Science and Work of Jim Peebles and Dave Wilkinson. March 14-15, 2003.
Trip to DB GameMy sister Barb won a contest and as a result, she and I attended a Diamondbacks game in high style. GG Picnic Dave and Eunice Wilkinson had a Gravity Group picnic on June 1, 2002. Here are some pictures of just a few of the folks that were there.
Conqueror of the
Hill, 2001 Conqueror of the Hill Competition, March 10, 2001. John Naud receives congrats John Naud was my teaching assistant for Physics 301, Thermal Physics, in the fall term, 1999. The students really liked his problem sessions--a thermo precept--and as a result he won one of four Association of Princeton Graduate Alumni Teaching Awards. Here, I'm congratulating him after the dinner on May 26, 2000.
Glass Etch We helped my Dad celebrate his 80th birthday on April 14, 2000! GG Picnic Dave and Eunice Wilkinson had a Gravity Group picnic on June 19, 1999. Here are some pictures of just a few of the folks that were there.
Family at Geo. Stevenson's
Funeral Reception. My father in law, George T. Stevenson, Jr., died in Santa Monica, CA, on September 26, 1998 at the age of 82. The funeral was in Champaign-Urbana, IL, on October 3. Here is a family portrait taken at the reception. Standing are Tom and Virginia Stevenson, Amy Groth, me, Becky Stevenson, Jane Groth, and Melissa Cleavinger. Seated are Julie Rogers, Andy Stevenson, Alice Stevenson, and Don, Betsy, and TJ Cleavinger. Jeff Groth couldn't make it and is the only grandchild missing. Noonan Sago
Wedding A photo album of my cousin Bill Noonan's wedding, May 30, 1998.
Jason and Poster Jason Rhodes with our poster presentation at the AAS meeting in Washington, DC, January 7, 1998. Vietnam Memorial Curt Tarkington was one of my best friends in high school. He was killed while on patrol in Vietnam in 1965. Finally, on July 17, 1997, I looked for and found his name on the Vietnam Memorial. He was only 19 when he died.
NPL Convention Jim and Alison (Pebbles) Peebles and Jane (Blossom) and I attended the National Puzzler's League convention from July 16-20, in Rosslyn, VA. (Across the Potomac from Washington, DC.) GG Picnic Dave and Eunice Wilkinson had a Gravity Group picnic on June 27, 1997. Here are some pictures of a few of the folks that were there.
A Wedding A photo album of my cousin Tim Noonan's wedding, June 21, 1997. Amy's Graduation Here's my daughter Amy (left) getting ready to march in her graduation on June 14, 1997. With her are Megumi and Deepa. The green tassel signifies Muir College of UCSD, while the blue and white one stands for Eleanor Roosevelt college. I'm not sure who's the fellow growing out of Megumi's head!
Stormin Norman Here's the Grand Marshall of Lawrenceville's Memorial Day Parade on May 26, 1997. This is about a half-mile from our house. How did we rate Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf, you ask? Two reasons: he was born in Lawrenceville, and this is Lawrenceville's 300th anniversary. Yes, Lawrenceville started out in 1697 as the village of Maidenhead! WFPC Team Meeting, Dec., 1996 December 12-13, 1996, we had a WFPC team meeting in Hawaii. Jane and I also did some sightseeing.
Chris and Diane's Wedding My cousin Diane Karl weds Chris Ruzicka. Cosmology Conference Banquet On June 24-27, 1996, we had a cosmology conference. At the conference banquet, we gave Dave Wilkinson and Jim Peebles a surprise 60th birthday party and roast!