Critical Dialogues in Cosmology

Conference Banquet or

60th Birthday Party/Roast for

Jim Peebles and Dave Wilkinson

Proceedings Jacket

On June 24-27, 1996, Princeton University, as part of its 250th anniversary celebration, sponsored a conference on Critical Dialogues in Cosmology. The jacket cover of the proceedings is reproduced above. We used the occasion of the conference banquet to throw a surprise 60th birthday party and roast for Jim Peebles and Dave Wilkinson.

(Actually we should have had the party in 1995, but getting folks to come to Princeton is not easy and getting them to come two years in a row would be really hard!)

Here are some photos of the event. These were taken by Juan Uson using my camera. Unfortunately, I lost the roll of film-it rolled behind a piece of furniture. Only in the spring of 1998 (2 years!) did I find it again! (Actually Jane found it!)

Dave embarassed? Must have been a good roast - Dave looks embarassed! Describing the Big Bang? How big was the Big Bang, Jim?
Dave's Gift Here's Dave's gift: framed COBE maps. Jim received framed Lick maps. Conferees later signed the displays! Eunice and Alison Are Eunice and Alison amused? Maybe they're hearing some of the stories for the first time!
Jim and friends Jim and friends Eunice and Dave and friends Eunice and Dave and friends

Here are some of the roasters, in alphabetical order:

Phil Crane Phil Crane Mark Davis Mark Davis Jim Fry Jim Fry Ed Groth Ed Groth
Mike Hauser Mike Hauser Jerry Ostriker Jerry Ostriker Bruce Partridge Bruce Partridge Suzanne Staggs Suzanne Staggs

Thanks to Neil Turok we had a cake. Actually two cakes! Can you believe 120 candles? It may not have been a Big Bang, but it certainly was a Big Blow!

Jim blowing out candles Jim blowing out candles Dave blowing out candles Dave blowing out candles Cutting the cake Cutting the cake Yummy! Yummy!