Fall, 2001

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Thursday, January 24, 8:30-11:30 am, Jadwin A09

Monday, January 21, 2:00-4:00 pm, McDonnell 103A (regular classroom)

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January 28, 2002
Final and Solutions posted to Quizzes and Exams page.

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About Physics 109

What is Physics 109? This course is the third term of a three-term sequence, 107-8-9, covering the same material as Physics 103-4. It is aimed at those students who should take 103-4 but don't have the math/physics background for the fast pace of 103-4. The slower pace of Physics 107-8-9 allows for extra time on the math as well as the more puzzling concepts (energy, angular momentum, oscillations) of basic physics. Physics 107-8-9 satisfies the physics requirement for engineering students.

Who should take Physics 109? Students who've taken Physics 107 and 108 and want to complete the introductory sequence (to satisfy engineering requirements, for example).

What will you learn in Physics 109? We'll cover a diverse set of topics from introductory physics: heat and thermodynamics, fluids, waves and wave phenomena including interference and diffraction, optics, and some modern physics including relativity and quantum physics.

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Academic Information

How to Read These Pages.
Some of our pages require a helper application or plug-in for reading. Find out why and how to get it.

General Information.
Information about the course not covered elsewhere.

Required Materials.
The textbook and other items you will need for Physics 109. These are exactly the same as for Physics 103-104 and 107-108, so you should already have them.

A week by week listing of what happens in Physics 109. Of course, since this is my first time teaching Physics 109, the syllabus is subject to change!

Answers page.
Answers to some of the even numbered problems from the textbook (and some answers for other study materials). For best results try the problems on your own before checking the answers.

This year's quizzes and exams and solutions.
After you've taken them of course!
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Administrative Information

Course Instructor: Ed Groth, Jadwin 264, x8-4361,

Office Hours: Most afternoons - give a call before walking across campus! Almost surely Wednesday and Thursday afternoons, 2:30-4:00 pm.

Course Manager: Charlotte Richick, Jadwin 208, x8-4418,

Difficulties: Students having difficulty are encouraged to see me (, 8-4361), their academic advisor, and their Director of Studies.

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Physics Around the Web

Physics Educational Resources.
These resources are closely related to Physics 109. You'll find additional notes and problems and some discussions of concepts.

Physics Research Resources.
Some links to sites actively engaged in physics research or support of research.

Other Physics Resources.
Physical constants, periodic table ...
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