Spring, 2002

May 23, 2002. Most people did well on the final exam!!! The average was 81.7%.

If you remember the number printed on your exam, you may look up your overall course grade here. Otherwise you will have to see Martin in the department office in room 208 Jadwin or wait for the report from the registrar.

You may also pick up your exam from Martin in the course office.

Have a good summer and think about what you learned in physics 101 and 102 how it applies to the world around you!

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Latest Update or Change

May 23, 2002.
Added link to page containing final course grades by exam ID number under Administration section.

Past Announcements.
History of Updates and Changes.

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About Physics 102

What is Physics 102? The second term of the introductory sequence, 101-102! This term, we will learn quite a bit about the laws of electricity and magnetism and then get a taste of optics, special relativity, quantum mechanics, and nuclear physics.

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Academic Information

General Information.

How to Read These Pages.
Some of our pages require a helper application or plug-in for reading. Find out why and how to get it.

Required Materials.
The textbook and other items you will need for Physics 102. The Learning Guides: LG1, LG2, LG3, LG4, and LG5, the Lab Manual (75 pages), and an Oscilloscope Quick Reference.

A week by week listing of what happens in Physics 102.

Answers page.
Answers to some of the even numbered problems from the textbook (and some answers for other study materials). For best results try the problems on your own before checking the answers.

Old quizzes and exams.
The way to learn the material is to practice! Here are old quizzes and exams with plenty of problems for practice!

This year's quizzes and exams and solutions.
After you've taken them of course!

The slides from the Thursday demonstration lectures.

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Administrative Information

The people who bring you Physics 102.

Class and Lab Sections
Find your class and lab section locations and times here.

Photos of students and instructors for the whole course and organized by class and lab sections. If you're not there, you don't like the picture, or you prefer a different rendition of your name, see me and I'll see if we can fix it.

Advice on what to do if you are having trouble

Missed Quiz Policy

Calculator Policy

Grading Corrections Policy

Final Course Grades
Indexed by the exam ID number that was printed on your exam.

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Physics Around the Web

Physics Educational Resources.
These resources are closely related to Physics 102. You'll find additional notes and problems and some discussions of concepts.

Physics Research Resources.
Some links to sites actively engaged in physics research or support of research.

Other Physics Resources.
Physical constants, periodic table ...
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Acknowledgement and Gratitude: The Physics 102 web pages were begun by Professor Steve Thorsett and continued by Professor Lyman Page.

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