Fall, 2012


10-Jan-2013: Reminder: The final is Friday, January 18, from 1:30 to 4:30 pm. Bring pencils (and erasers?). The exam is closed everything.

10-Jan-2013: Reminder: I will be holding office hours Wednesday and Thursday, January 16 and 17, from 2-4 pm in Jadwin 357 - EJG.

10-Jan-2013: Last year's final and solutions.

4-Dec-2012: The final will be 1:30-4:30 pm, Friday, January 18, 2013. Closed everything except minds. Jadwin A06, our regular classroom.

16-Oct-2012: Last year's midterm and solutions.

Course Instructor: Ed Groth, Jadwin 357, x8-4361,

Office Hours: Most afternoons - give a call before walking across campus! Almost surely Wednesday afternoons, 2:00-4:00 pm.

Teaching Assistant: Laurentiu Rodina, Jadwin 4th floor, xTBD,

Office Hours: Monday evenings, 5:00-7:00 pm., Jadwin A08.

Course Manager: Jessica Heslin, Fine Basement, x8-4403,

Lectures: Tuesday and Thursday, 11:00 am - 12:20 pm, Jadwin A06.

Text: I will be drawing material for the lectures from a number of texts including F. Schwabl, Quantum Mechanics, Springer and P. J. E. Peebles, Quantum Mechanics, Princeton University Press. You're encouraged to get a copy of Schwabl as when I run out of time, I will point at the appropriate section of Schwabl for reading.

Homework: 25% of grade. Assigned weekly via the course web site (this page!) no later than Thursday. It is due in Laurentiu Rodina's Jadwin mailbox no later than 5pm the next Thursday. Snail mailboxes are located on Jadwin A level next to the loading dock which faces the Frick Chemistry building.

Exceptions: homework 5 is due the Tuesday before the midterm exam, homework 8 is due the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, and homework 12 is due during reading period.

You really must work through the problems before you see the solutions to have any hope of doing well on the exams! Also, you need to keep up, it doesn't work to save up the homework assignments for several weeks! (Besides the fact that you won't get any credit, you won't get any understanding!) If you don't understand a solution or have a different solution that you want to discuss, come to office hours.

Midterm: October 25 in class, 25% of grade.

Final: TBD during final exam period, 50% of grade.


The homework assignments and solutions will be available for downloading. They will be pdf documents.


Week Starting Date Tentative Topics
Homework Assignments and Solutions
0 10-Sep-2012 Introduction. Why Quantum Mechanics?
No homework assigned this week.
1 17-Sep-2012 Structure of QM. Begin Harmonic Oscillator.
Due: 27-Sep-2012 Homework 1 Solutions
2 24-Sep-2012 Harmonic Oscillator. 1D Potentials.
Due: 4-Oct-2012 Homework 2 Solutions
3 1-Oct-2012 More 1D Potentials. Wave Packets.
Due: 11-Oct-2012 Homework 3 Solutions
4 8-Oct-2012 Resonant Scattering. Uncertainty Relations. Angular Momentum.
Due: 18-Oct-2012 Homework 4 Solutions
5 15-Oct-2012 More Angular Momentum. Hamiltonian with E and B. Motion in E&M Fields.
Due: 23-Oct-2012 Homework 5 Solutions
6 22-Oct-2012 Central Potentials. Centrifugal Potential. In Class Midterm Thursday
Solutions and distribution
Due: 8-Nov-2012 Homework 6 Solutions
  29-Oct-2012 Midterm Break
7 5-Nov-2012 H atom. Free Particle in Spherical Coordinates. Representations and Transformations.
Due: 15-Nov-2012 Homework 7 Solutions
8 12-Nov-2012 Spin. Addition of Angular Momenta. Time Independent Perturbation Theory.
Due: 20-Nov-2012 Homework 8 Solutions
9 19-Nov-2012 Degenerate Perturbation Theory. Fine Structure.
Due: 29-Nov-2012 Homework 9 Solutions
10 26-Nov-2012 Identical Particles. Atoms more complicated than H.
Due: 6-Dec-2012 Homework 10 Solutions
11 3-Dec-2012 Time Dependent Perturbation Theory.
Due: 13-Dec-2012 Homework 11 Solutions
12 10-Dec-2012 Scattering.
Due: 10-Jan-2013 Homework 12 Solutions
  18-Jan-2013 Final 1:30-4:30 pm, Closed Book, Jadwin A06
    Final, solutions, final vs homework, and final vs midterm.

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