Fall, 2008


November 18: Homework 8 is due Friday, November 21, at 4:00 pm. (Originally due Thursday, but moved due to make up classes in other courses.) Also, office hours for Wednesday afternoon, November 19, are canceled.

November 6: Homework 6 is due Friday, November 7, at 4:30 pm. (Originally due Thursday, but moved due to midterms in other courses.)

October 14: Homework 4 is due Friday, October 17, at 4 pm. (Originally due Thursday, but moved due to midterms in other courses.)

Course Instructor: Ed Groth, Jadwin 264, x8-4361,

Office Hours: Most afternoons - give a call before walking across campus! Almost surely Wednesday afternoons, 2:00-4:00 pm.

Teaching Assistant: Alex Dahlen, Jadwin 356, 617-872-4659,

Office Hours: Tuesday afternoons, 4:00-6:00 pm.

Course Manager: Laurel Lerner, 210 Jadwin, x8-4403,

Lectures: Tuesday and Thursday, 11:00 am - 12:20 pm, Jadwin A10.

Text: I will be drawing material for the lectures from a number of texts including F. Schwabl, Quantum Mechanics, Springer and P. J. E. Peebles, Quantum Mechanics, Princeton University Press. You're encouraged to get a copy of Schwabl as when I run out of time, I will point at the appropriate section of Schwabl for reading.

Homework: Assigned via the course web site on Thursday or Friday. Due the following Thursday in the department office (208) by 4:30pm, returned the next Thursday. 50% of grade. Collaboration encouraged (but not copying!). Late homework may receive only half or none of the grade depending on how late it is and how it fits into the grading schedule!

Midterm: None.

Final: 50% of grade.


The homework assignments will be available for downloading. They will be pdf documents.


Week Starting Date Tentative Topics
Homework Assignments and Solutions
0 8-Sep-2008 Introduction.
No homework assigned this week.
1 15-Sep-2008 Why Quantum Mechanics? Structure of QM.
Due: 25-Sep-2008 Homework 1 Solutions
2 22-Sep-2008 Harmonic Oscillator. Schroedinger Equation.
Due: 2-Oct-2008 Homework 2 Solutions
3 29=Sep-2008 1D Potentials.
Due: 9-Oct-2008 Homework 3 Solutions
4 6-Oct-2008 Wave Packets. Uncertainty Relations.
Due: 16-Oct-2008 Homework 4 Solutions
5 13-Oct-2008 Angular Momentum.
Due: 23-Oct-2008 Homework 5 Solutions
6 20-Oct-2008 Motion in Electromagnetic Fields.
Due: 6-Nov-2008 Homework 6 Solutions
  27-Oct-2008 Midterm Break
7 3-Nov-2008 Central Potential. H atom.
Due: 13-Nov-2008 Homework 7 Solutions
8 10-Nov-2008 Spin. Addition of Angular Momentum.
Due: 20-Nov-2008 Homework 8 Solutions
9 17-Nov-2008 Time Independent Perturbation Theory. Fine Structure.
Due: ** 1-Dec-2008 ** Homework 9 Solutions
10 24-Nov-2008 Identical Particles. Atoms more complicated than H.
Due: 4-Dec-2008 Homework 10 Solutions
11 1-Dec-2008 Time Dependent Perturbation Theory.
Due: 11-Dec-2008 Homework 11 Solutions
12 8-Dec-2008 Scattering.
Due: ** 8-Jan-2009 ** Homework 12 Solutions
  14-Jan-2009 Exam Period, Final Exam January 19, 2009, 1-4 pm. Room 303 Jadwin Hall.
Final and Solutions

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