Freshman Seminar 142

Where's Waldo? The Science and Application of GPS

Spring, 2004

Waypoint Hunt

In this project, we'll divide up into teams of two (since we have an odd number, we'll have to have one team of one or three!). Each team will try to find at least one of the locations--waypoints--shown in the following pictures.

Each member of a team should keep a record of activities in a "lab notebook." You don't have to buy a special notebook, but you should keep things neat and well organized and take your notebook with you when hunting for the waypoints (or doing other projects) and bring it to seminar meetings.

To show that you've found it, you should describe what's around it. (Not "trees," say where it is in relation to roads, buildings, etc.)

To keep you from going too far afield, all of these waypoints are located in an area bounded by Nassau Steet and Mercer Street on one side, Springdale Road and West Drive on a second side, Stony Brook and Lake Carnegie on a third side, and Harrison Street on the fourth side.

Each picture contains the latitude and longitude of the waypoint in the WGS84 datum. You can get a bigger picture by clicking on the thumbnail. I'll have prints to pass out to the teams at the seminar meeting on Monday, February 2, 2004.

Waypoint Latitude Longitude Thumbnail
BENCH 40.33855 -74.66465 Waypoint Picture
BROKEN 40.34417 -74.64223 Waypoint Picture
LOCK 40.34569 -74.64583 Waypoint Picture
POLE 40.33158 -74.65930 Waypoint Picture
ROCK 40.34236 -74.64774 Waypoint Picture
ROOTS 40.33691 -74.65223 Waypoint Picture
Jonah and Raegan's Report (pdf)
40.35225 -74.64573 Waypoint Picture
TRAIL 40.34349 -74.65212 Waypoint Picture